Vinyl Wraps

We install 3M 2080 and Avery SW900 vinyl color change wraps.

Take a look at the color options below and make a selection, choose your car type then select an ideal installation date.

Wrap installs will take a full work day or more and your vehicle will be required to be left at our shop overnight to ensure proper adhesion of the wrap material.

For boats, ATVs, motorcycles, large commercial vehicles and vehicles types not listed, please give us a call so we can quote your wrap!

We also design and install Avery MPI1105 printed graphic vinyl wraps.  Please call or email to begin your design!

Avery SW900 ProVinyl Co.

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3M 2080 ProVinyl Co

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Wrap Info

- Vinyl wraps will transform the look of your vehicle and protect the underlying paint
- Can be hand washed and hand waxed (matte, satin and textured wraps should not be waxed)
- Matte/Satin/Gloss colors will be fade resistant for 7 years
- Scratches on surface can self heal with heat application
- Wraps must be installed to a clean smooth surface
- Any imperfection under the wrap will not be hidden, so please address any scratches or dents beforehand
- Completed wrap comes with 1 year warranty from peel back
- Wraps installed on primer, bondo or spray painted surface will not come with warranty

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